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Bowl Finishing...

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General Finishes - Salad Bowl Finish - is a durable oil based finish which leaves a beautiful shiny surface to the piece. Four coats have been used to finish each bowl with a 24 hour drying period in between each coat. This provides the bowl with a very strong and durable finish coating.  It is not recommended to use any sharp objects on this finished surface. All oil based wood finishes on the market today are safe to use with food after the finish has "cured". The curing time for Salad Bowl Finish is 72 hours.


The Beall Buffing System is a method of finishing wooden pieces using a spinning lathe with a buffing wheel to produce a spectacular finish that begs to be held.

It is a three-step procedure using three different buffing wheels.  The first wheel uses Tripoli as a buffing compound; the second uses a finer buffing compound  known as White Diamond.  And the third uses Carnauba Wax which is the only one that remains on the surface of the bowl. Carnauba Wax is an edible wax product found in dozens of our foods including the wax on apples and candies. This final step creates a smooth and lustrous finish over the entire finished bowl.

Elegant, Durable and Food Safe...

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