Welcome to our Showroom...


The Bowl Showroom is located in our home in Oakville, Ontario. We always have a great selection of sizes, designs and wood types available to choose from. Whether you are looking for a salad bowl, a small candy or snack bowl or a gift for that special person you will find plenty of wonderful choices in a variety of price ranges.  


Bowl Sets - Since many bowls are created from the same tree at once, it's possible to create an elegant set by combining an assortment of different size bowls from the same wood species.


Our Showroom is open all year round making it easy for you to schedule an appointment when you are looking for something special. Simply send us a message to arrange a date and time.  Many people bring their friends or family members to help them with their choices.


The photo above and below are our small and medium size bowl table. As you can see the selection is abundant.  One idea we recommend is filling one with someone's favourite treat and wrapping it in celophane. This makes an inexpensive but thoughtful gift for someone special.


We always recommend visiting the Showroom as being the best way to find exactly what you are looking for.  Holding the bowl, examining the wood grain and feeling the weight of the piece makes a huge difference in your selection.