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How to Purchase a Bowl...

You have two options:

1) Order for Delivery:

      - Send me a message indicating exactly what you would like to purchase.

      - When we have ensured your item is still available we will provide delivery costs.

        (Delivery Costs: will vary greatly depending on the size and weight of the bowl).

      - For now we are requesting that you please use Interac to pay for your purchase.

        We have included a link below which takes you to the Interac E-Transfer page. This 

        page will provide you with information on how to make an E-transfer through your    

        financial institution's on-line banking website.

        Please do not make any payments until pricing details have been confirmed.

 2) Visit our Showroom:

     Our turning studio and showroom is located in Oakville, Ontario. If it is possible for

     you to visit our showroom this is an ideal way to see and feel the item you are looking

     for. To visit please send me a message on our "Contact" page to arrange a day and    

    time. When an appointment is scheduled I will then send you my Oakville address.





John Gillmoure

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