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  • John Gillmoure

Flying Wood Chips from a Birch log.

Turning a Bowl - What you are looking at here is the first step on the lathe for this10 pound white birch log. It is the roughest stage of turning wood. It has been cut round by my chainsaw. However, the surface is still made up of end grain, side grain, knots, bark, loose wood pieces and sometimes even the odd bug will appear from the depths of the wood. Staying alert, standing firm, ignoring the firing wood chips and focusing on making it round is what it takes to get this step completed successfully. Just after this photo was taken a chunk of wood the size of your palm slammed into my face shield. Like a bird hitting your car windshield. Safety and good protection is always a priority to a successful completion in anything we do. Thanks for looking!

...from beginning to end. This will be a great looking spalted birch

bowl when it is fully completed in 6 months.

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