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The Wooden Bowl...

For centuries the wooden bowl has been cherished as one of the most significant family belongings. For thousands of years our ancestors ate and drank from wooden bowls.

There is simply no denying that wood is an extraordinary medium in both its beauty and uses. Each species has its own unique colour, luster, grain, and texture all of which come into play in its visual appeal.

Our completed bowls provide you with a warm, natural and stylish look as a decorative or functional piece in your home. A gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. As you search through our Gallery you will see many different types of Ontario Woods which have been used to create these pieces. Enjoy!

Turning a

Tree Log

into a


There are approximately 14 steps

to creating a finished bowl from a tree log. This process can take anywhere from several weeks to over a year. Once the log is cut from the tree it begins loosing moisture and starts to crack.  Several steps are used to reduce or eliminate this cracking in areas where the bowl will be made from. The pith or centre of the log needs to be removed. The bowls are taken from the sides of the log where the wood is more stable. A thick bowl shape is made and then sealed with an end grain sealer to help it remain in one piece and release moisture evenly. It will take several weeks to a year before the rough turned bowl is dry. At that time it goes back on the lathe to be turned for finish.

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